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WOW Sweepstakes Ball 2012 A Great Success

The 2012 WOW Sweepstakes Ball was great success! We continued our unbroken string of sellouts, and all the attendees had a great time. The food was terrific, the band and dancing were great, and the auctions – both live and silent – featured many overbids!

Thanks to all the WOW trail supporters who helped make this such a great event. And a special thanks to all the volunteers who worked so hard on this year’s event!

Oh, and someone won the $10,000 Grand Prize! Rita O’Brien was the happy winner of this year’s grand prize.



WOW Trail Vice President Allan Beetle presenting the $10,000 check to Rita O’Brien

Brick Order Form


WOW Trail
“Paving The Way” Engraved Brick Purchase

Order an engraved brick (note: engraving is a maximum of three lines. Each line has a maximum of 13 characters including spaces and punctuation).

Each brick is $75 including the engraving. Bricks will be placed near the Lakeport trail entrance. Please contact the WOW Trail via email to find out when you could expect your brick(s) to be placed.

  • To order one brick – Fill out the form below and click on “Add to Cart”. You will be taken to a shopping cart page where you will click on “Proceed to Checkout” where you can complete your order and provide secure payment information.
  • To order more than one brick – Fill out the form below and click on “Add to Cart”. Click on “Continue Shopping” to return to the order page. Delete the content in the three text boxes, enter the text for your next brick, and click “Add to Cart”. Continue this process until you are ready to checkout. When you are ready to checkout, click on “Proceed to Checkout” from the shopping cart where you can complete your order and provide secure payment information.
Engraving on Brick – 1st Line – Max 13 characters
Engraving on Brick – 2nd Line – Max 13 characters
Engraving on Brick – 3rd Line – Max 13 characters

Review the items in your shopping cart or complete your purchase:

WOW Ball 2010 – Photos

The 2010 WOW Ball was a huge success. Special thanks to all the attendees and all the behind-the-scenes volunteers who made this happen.

Below are a number of photos from the event. Click on any image to enlarge it, then use the “Next” and “Prev” navigation that appears on the edges of the photo to move through the slideshow.

More pictures are available here.


WOW Ball 2010 – Photos

The 2010 WOW Ball was a big success. Here are a few pictures of the event (Click on the small image to view a larger image). More pictures are available here.

wowball-band3-100pxwide The band rocking the house!
wowball-band2-100pxwide View from the dance floor.
wowball-band1-100pxwide Another shot from the dance floor
wowball-ribbon-100pxwide “Re-enactment” of the Phase 1 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.
wowball-silentauction-100pxwide Bidding on a Silent Auction item.
wowball-liveauction-100pxwide Bidding during the live auction.
wowball-chances-100pxwide Spinning the wheel for the big cash prizes!
wowball-auctioneer-100pxwide The auctioneer for the live auction.
wowball-kid-100pxwide Fun for all ages!


Belmont Recreational Alternative Trail Team (B.R.A.T.T.)

 bratt1 bratt2

The Town of Belmont has been notified that it will receive $282,720.00 federal dollars for the construction of the first phase of the Lake Winnisquam Scenic Trail.

The Lake Winnisquam Scenic Trail, approximately 5 miles long, will be a multi-use trail from Court Street at the Laconia/Belmont Town line to Jamestown Road at the Belmont/Tilton Town line. The trail runs along the State of New Hampshire owned Railroad lines. This runs along the shore of Lake Winnisquam and through some of the most beautiful areas of Belmont. There are many opportunities to see wildlife such as deer, fox, beavers, birds, and even an Osprey nest at Ephram’s Cove and bald eagles in the winter.

The planning of this trail system is current and ongoing. The Belmont Recreational Alternative Transportation Team (B.R.A.T.T.) needs your help. They need volunteers to assist with this and the implementation of the plan as soon as possible.

For more information, contact them at (603) 528-4345 or (603) 387-7056.