Welcome to the WOW Trail

About the Trail

The WOW Trail is a paved, 10 foot wide, multi-use pathway that parallels the existing RR corridor within the City of Laconia.  Now 2.5 miles long, the trail travels from Elm Street in Lakeport to the Belmont Town Line.  The trail  connects to the new 1.7 mile Winnisquam Scenic Trail which leads to the Agway store on Rt. 3 near the Mosquito Bridge, giving users a 4 1/4 mile span to use.   A portion of the WOW Trail veers out of the RR corridor, from Bisson Avenue to Lyford Street, in order to avoid the RR trestle over the Winnipesaukee River.   Users will note a widened sidewalk with a dashed line down the middle in this section.

Well loved and well used by walkers, runners and bikers, the WOW Trail has become a unifying landmark and point of pride for the City of Laconia.

The WOW Trail now sets its sights on bringing the trail to the Weirs Beach area and on to Meredith.

Efforts are underway to revamp our trail map to incorporate the just-completed sections of Phase 2 and the Winni Scenic Trail.

Please make a donation to the WOW Trail today and help us continue our mission.

For more information about our fundraising efforts, please contact us at info@wowtrail.org.  

WOW Trail’s mission is to promote, design, build and maintain a nine mile recreation path through the CIty of Laconia as a part of the regional rail trail network that will one day connect Meredith to Franklin.